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A new German-Pratine address for an olfactory stop in Paris

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A new German-Pratine address for an olfactory stop in Paris.
The Maison Comptoir Sud Pacifique is taking up residence on the Left Bank.

Barely a year after the opening of its Parisian Flagship on rue St Roch, the French brand Comptoir Sud Pacifique, opens a second boutique in Paris. Located in the heart of the St Germain district, in the 76 rue de SeineThe Rive Gauche boutique marks a new era for this French perfumery reference, whose sole owner Valérie Pianelli-ˇGuichard intends to continue the work of the brand’s founders and work to preserve the meaning of the word « niche. »
A new olfactory stopover in Paris for the happiness of lovers of fragrances composed of beautiful materials with evocative names that invite travel … and always accessible to most.

With its Haussmannian moldings on the ceiling and its natural oak floor, the Saint Germain showcase has preserved all the codes of the traditional architecture of this beautiful neighborhood.
It is in the respect of the history of the place that the identity of the House of Perfumes is highlighted.

A refined and elegant atmosphere with a decoration that combines modernity and tradition: navy blue on the façade – identical to the store on the Right Bank – a dominant white and natural oak for the vintage furniture that highlights the turquoise blue of the fragrance collections.

In the center, a traditional wooden draper’s table allows the display of raw materials and new fragrances. A semicircular niche at the entrance of the boutique enhances this refined universe with a « Belle Époque » note and plunges visitors into the Paris of the 1930s! This is where fragrances and fashion accessories (jewelry, scarves, clutches and bags) are mixed. Values that cannot be ignored in the brand’s historical equation!

With its 14 eaux de parfums, 20 eaux de toilette and 7 scented candles, the Comptoir Sud Pacifique space in the 6th arrondissement promises an immediate embarkation to any olfactory curious person… for the time of a visit!

With the opening of this new address, the brand sees an opportunity to reveal an optimistic turnover and a wider development perspective in France.

COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE 76, rue de Seine – 75006 Paris Shop hours: 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday. www.comptoir-sud-pacifique.com

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