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The Quest for Smoother Skin: 5 Must-Have Anti-Wrinkle Creams

by pascal iakovou
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Minimizing the wrinkles that time stamps onto all of our faces eventually is hardly a new pursuit. We’ve always wished to turn back the clock and keep our faces smooth and youthful as we age. Luckily, in 2024, we have access to a whole range of skincare products that offer us the chance to maintain not only the health of our skin but also its youthful appearance as we grow older. If this sounds like the grail you’ve been searching for, you’ve come to the right place. What follows is our list of 2024’s best anti-aging creams based on our experience using them and exactly why they are so effective.

  1. Crème Ancienne Firming Eye Cream — Fresh

$150 for a 15ml jar on the Fresh.com

Fresh is a brand well known for its work in the field of anti-aging products. Their entire anti-aging range is worth trying, but our favorite is definitely Crème Ancienne, part of their broader Crème range. A dedicated eye cream is a necessity, whether your goal is anti-aging and wrinkle prevention or just to maintain the health and hydration of your skin. This creamy-textured product soaks deeply into the sensitive skin around your eyes. It provides long-lasting hydration and nourishment while simultaneously firming those contours and minimizing crow’s feet.

The hero ingredients in this product are the old favorites beeswax and vitamin E, meadowfoam seed oil, and bacillus ferment.

  • Vitamin E softens and protects while soothing any irritation.
  • Beeswax retains moisture and keeps your skin glowing.
  • Meadowfoam seed oil, native to Oregon’s Pacific Coast, holds fatty acids that penetrate the upper levels of the skin to deeply nourish your skin.
  • Bacillus ferment works on smoothing lines and boosts skin firmness.
  1. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 — Elemis 

$138 for a 1,7 fl oz jar on Amazon

This Elemis cream is hardly a new invention. Since its launch in 2003, the product has been lauded worldwide for its clinically proven results, delicious texture, and skin-supporting formula that offers all-in-one care. This little treasure is a three-in-one: a wrinkle-smoothing moisturizer that firms and deeply hydrates the skin while also beating off the sun’s harsh rays that could cause damage.

The ingredients that make this formula so sought-after and have users coming back to it time and again are chlorella, ginkgo biloba, and padina pavonica.

  • Chlorella is a green microalgae that firms skin and helps maintain skin health and barrier.
  • Ginkgo biloba is an antioxidant-rich plant that guards against daily skin stressors and keeps your face toned.
  • Padina pavonica is a Mediterranean algae that supports a feeling of round-the-clock hydration.
  1. A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer With White Tea — Origins 

$54 for a 50ml jar at Nordstrom online

SPF is a vital part of the anti-aging steps we take every day. This Origins product not only moisturizes your entire face (it is best for dry, normal, or very oily skin types) but also provides the sun protection that all skins need to stay happy and healthy. This antioxidant moisturizer also offers protection from daily stressors like pollution, and users have stated that it leaves their skin looking vibrant and glowy.

The hero in this formula is white tea extract. White tea is an excellent ingredient if you are struggling with breakouts, as it fights bacteria and helps to calm skin to get through breakouts faster and with less discomfort.

  1. The Cream — Le Domaine 

$230 for a 50ml jar on Amazon

If you’re looking for a feeling of luxury and a product that delivers what it promises, this Le Domaine moisturizer is an excellent choice. The Cream’s whipped cream texture slides on silky smooth for tightening (never drying), nourishing, and smoothed-looking skin. This product is clinically proven to deeply nourish while it works on the surface of your skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. 

Grape water, hyaluronic acids, olive oil, and brand-specific compounds come together in this formula to fight the visible signs of aging.

  • Grape water soothes and moisturizes.
  • HA retains moisture in the skin.
  • Olive oil, rich in fatty acids, nourishes and soothes.
  • GSM10®  is a compound with proven anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.
  • ProGR3® reduces the effectiveness of the senescence marker protein to slow signs of aging.
  1. Peptide Night Cream — Drmtlgy 

$40 for a 2.1-ounce jar on Amazon

This dermatologist-recommended product (as the name implies) will work for you if your skin is normal, dry, combination, sensitive, or oily. If you’re concerned that your skin doesn’t look as plump as it used to, this peptide night cream from Drmtlgy will solve that problem for you, providing moisture and helping smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The formula is also paraben-, sulfate-, gluten-, and hormone-free, so your skin gets a healthy boost every night before bed.

The ingredients in this formula that do the heavy lifting are five kinds of peptides, three ceramides, vitamin E, and allantoin.

  • Peptides and ceramides visibly firm looser skin and protect/ enhance your lipid barrier.
  • Vitamin E softens and protects the skin while minimizing irritation.
  • Allantoin helps hydrate the skin, reduce tight and itchy sensations, aid skin healing, and improve skin texture.

Anti-Aging Products That Really Work

This list contains products that are recommended all over the world by skin care professionals and dermatologists for their incredible efficacy. Any of these products would make a great addition to your morning or evening routine and help you smooth away some of the marks that the passing of time leaves behind.

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