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Lecavalier SS22

by pascal iakovou
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For LECAVALIER´s debut at Paris Fashion Week, Creative Director Marie-Eve Lecavalier, the first Canadian to present within the official calendar, focuses on the theatricality of everyday’s life and on the expression of mystic energy through dance, rites and ceremonials. The collection explores the metaphorical connections between real world and magic, body and mind, drawing inspiration from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s surrealistic film The Holy Mountain and the opéra fantastique The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach.

Witches from Mona Choillet’s book The Undefeated Power of Women are the inspiration for introspection and inner strength. A meditative state is reached through rhythmic, repetitive movements involved in hand weaving and crochet. A sense of letting go is depicted though graphic, wavy details. Transparent and sheer elements exist to remind us of vulnerability.

Sustainability and upcycling continue to play a major: handmade vegetal prints are created in collaboration with artist Marie Les Bains through an ancient technique using fresh flowers, bringing a romantic dimension to the iconic swirl print. Oversized denim garments are made of 100% recycled jeans, while leftover leather is now used for a new knitting technique inspired by vintage crochet.

Suiting acquires significance and becomes one of the protagonists of the collection, developed in refined crepe fabric. Handmade knitted scuba items, made of leftovers from past seasons, and transparent light knit rib create a beautiful wrapping effect through texture and transparency. The body is unveiled and concealed as part of a playful yet sensual hide and seek. Classic shirting confers an elegant and timeless allure.

Special thanks to the important partners La Maison Simons and Paris Fashion Week who supported LECAVALIER for the season.

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