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The Making of Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Collection SS 2021

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Behind the scenes video with an incredible craftsmanship work

This season, the fashion house is working together with more Russian traditional crafts than ever: crystal details for clothing and accessories were created at the Gus Khrustalny factory, the miniature buttons and brooches for suits and dresses were painted by the artists at “Rostov Enamel”, the lace elements for evening wear were concocted by master craftswomen from Yelets and the Kadomsky Veniz factory, the geometric ornaments were embroidered by Krestetskaya Stitch, the clutches were hand-carved from wood.

Ulyana Sergeenko Atelier. Artists and craftswomen of the fashion house have developed unique prints for the new collection. The brand’s traditional and favorite flower – the rose – sparkles with voluminous buds embroidered with multicolored beads on jackets and dresses, explodes with velvet and lace appliques. Minimalistic and graphic bouquets with a sunny flower are laid out with silk cords on oversized jackets. Hundreds of hours of handicraft were required to create pieces completely hand-knitted, with beads and crystals inserted into each loop. Craftsmanship and high attention to details made each item from the new collection a real piece of art.
This season the team of the fashion house broke their own records.
732 hours spent creating a dress with Kadomsky lace elements.
28 meters of chiffon were needed for just one dress.
3.5 kg of beads went into creating a red floor-length dress by hand.

Rostov Enamel. For the fashion house’s new collection, brooches and buttons were made at the factory with unique patterns that adorn silk dresses, wool coats, suits, leather belts and bags. The metal plates feature roses, geometric ornamentation, and the capital letters “УС,” all developed by Ulyana Sergeenko’s design bureau in collaboration with the enamel artists of « Rostov Finift ».
Each piece is created by a complex, labor-intensive process of crafting artistic enamels: from cutting sheets into the necessary form, hand-stenciling the miniature elements, firing the pieces several times over and creating metal settings that ensconce each detail.
Gus Khrustalny. The crystal elements which adorn the evening gowns and accessories from Ulyana Sergeenko’s new collection were created at the legendary factory in Gus-Khrustalny. Special miniature details were produced featuring the legendary diamond cut from clear, emerald, ruby and amber crystal. At the center of some elements are hand-crafted images of flowers, as well as the initials « УС. »
Yelets lace. For this new season, using the techniques of weaving Yelets lace in the «Kruzhevnoy Krai» atelier, were created a two-tone bra, shoulder straps for evening dresses, lace patches and elbow pads for jackets and a complex evening dress with a lace corset and hem. In the fashion house’s new collection, this extraordinarily thin lace with smooth transitions from dense to openwork can also be found in hats and masks. In total, 37 lace details were created by the Yelets craftspeople, taking more than 1,400 hours of work. Around 10 000 meters of thread were used.
Kadomsky Veniz. For the first time in the fashion house’s history, it will feature lace elements in a collection created in the Kadomsky Veniz technique, a jewelry-like technique of needle embroidery, with a history that stretches more than 300 years and has no equivalents in the world. For the new season’s collection, the factory created rhomboid lace details for evening gowns, and the center of these openwork decorative elements features an expressive monogram: “УС.”

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