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Le 30 septembre dernier, c’est déroulé le défilé OZLANA au Palais de la découverte

“We believe every woman, every girl, has a fairytale story within their heart – our aim is to fulfill her wonderous dreams and fantasy through the vision of OZLANA.” OZLANA is an Australian fashion brand with a romantic, playful personality, explored through story-telling inspired concepts. Devoted to quality fabrications, glimmering embellishments, & brand collaborations, the brand embodies a style of youthful & modern femininity, channelled through the signature Fur Parka, a traditional piece updated with the classic OZLANA touch. “The Neverland” Collection is the next chapter of the OZLANA story, a celebration of the surreal and enigmatic. OZLANA opens this world to the audience through their set, music composition, runway garments & brand collaborations, seeking to immerse them in their world, engaging all the senses, from the scent of the fresh florals, the bespoke music that swelled as guests took their place, to the Chupa Chups VIPs found amongst the gift bags. Collaborating with other artists, brands, and characters allow OZLANA to explore more story telling avenues, widening their world with every connection. The Neverland is a theatrical opera – the audience were invited to witness, watching live as magic happens before their eyes as the models cross the runway, in the boundary between reality & the surreal. The set indulges this fantasy, creating the world with navy velvet curtains hanging thick behind the runway & audience. The runway sparkles with chandeliers laid on navy carpet, as if fallen from the sky itself, with wild purple & white flowers organically placed across the runway & stairs of the grand Palais de la Decouverte space, elevated by the traditional French architecture. The Neverland collection revolved around five elements – the practical & lush fur parka, with decadent fur spilling over the collar & from inside. Crystal star showered tulles in soft ivory, sage, and light twilight blue. Structured asymmetrical wool suiting’s, pleats framing the body. Prints by Australian artist Victoria Garcia told the fable of The Neverland, rippling across voluminous dresses and western shirts in soft georgette, windblown as she crossed the heavens. The journey through the stars is reflected in the crystals & constellation prints that grace the collection, cascading off the bodies of the models, harnessed to them, wrapped entirely in this glimmering celestial dream. Even the buttons – tiny stars in silver & bronze, punctuating the waists & shoulders. The collection moves through stages, changing as the OZLANA girl grows through her flight. She finds her way to the neverland through the skies – she crosses constellations, galloping through the heavens. She begins her journey, determined and strong, marching to a dark electronic beat. The music settles, falling to a sweet serenity littered with the sounds of angelic starfall, bells chiming in a celestial melody. As she reaches the door to neverland, the music swells, building to an operatic crescendo, and the garments darken again, taking on a deep midnight hue with golden accents – signifying her conquest of the skies, her dream fulfilled. The audience never witnesses the neverland – they only witness her journey, and her growth, from naivety to strong confidence, but as the music builds to it’s climax, the finale march of models drop their hood, signifying their destination reached. As each model marches past – sweet sensibilities of her soft blue, ivory tulles giving way to the darkest hues of night – her pilgrimage is clear. The collection includes collaborations with Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny & Chupa Chups, defining a childlike naivety, and also introduces a collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur, creating artisanal parka and fur vest showpieces for the collection. By inviting Bugs Bunny & Chupa Chups into our Neverland world, the garments are playful & self aware of the childhood motifs throughout the collection, whilst also ensuring the garments are accessible by blurring the lines between commercial & artistic design. OZLANA created a SS20 Sunglasses collection with CARIN, a sunglasses brand from Korea. Following on from their collaboration in NYFW SS19, this collection included the first custom designs by OZLANA, featuring styles that reflected The Neverland collection, in light gold & dark navy tones. Swarovski crystals and smooth matte gold hardware formed two new styles to be released in October 2019. The Neverland also debuts a collaboration with world renowned Kopenhagen Fur. This collaboration includes the highest European standard of artisan creations for The Neverland runway, as well as an exclusive first commercial mink fur collection for OZLANA. Kopenhagen Fur is the leafing provider of fur, recognised for it’s exceptional quality & welfare. Kopenhagen Studio, the creative centre & development lab for Kopenhagen Fur is a centre of inspiration, innovation & creativity. Designers, fashion houses and key industry figures around the world come to Kopenhagen Studio to work with the highly skilled in-house artisan. As such, Kopenhagen Studio created two artisan fur vests for the runway, created with the utmost skill in Denmark & Greece, take advantage of the highest quality techniques around the world. As an outerwear brand, OZLANA’s parkas are on the outside practical and sensible, with a hint of the luxurious dreams rippling on the lush fur collar. Once zipped open, however, and fully enveloped in the pastel, dreamy fur inside – the experience is forever changed.

OZLANA’s yearly runway show is a further way to build this secret, beautiful world – once the audience stepped in the Palais de la Decouverte, sat amongst the wild flowers of the night and were immersed in the theatre of The Neverland, they are enveloped in the brands romantic, story-telling ideals.

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