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[ Morning! Rough City ]

Angus Chiang’s SS19 collection focuses on the older generations preserved idea of city life. This image revolves around street art in Taiwan’s city corners known as the ‘transformer box’. The ‘transformer box’ holds much ambiguity within Taiwan, with many feeling that the presence is a hindrance whilst others argue that it allows an ageless, creative freedom. Aesthetics from each era compete with one another; each poster is patch-worked with something new, creating a masterpiece that precedes generations. Angus Chiang uses this to create a collage of Taiwan. The SS19 collection attempts to understand each individual’s story whilst viewing a new generation coexisting within an old. Looking at the everyday clothing of Aunts and Uncles at the local community centre, polo shirts, cropped pants and fake two pieces tops are reimagined in fun, youthful concepts. Chiang uses a hemming technique to interpret unruly lines and silhouettes. Through SS19, Chiang obscures gender, adding typically female elements such as strapless, backless and flounce into his collection and ‘breaking conventional wisdom’. The soft, warm, core colour comes from landscape paintings on ‘transformer boxes’. Chiang also creates a three-dimensional element through his use of denim and transparent fabric. Chiang not only explores the theme of spirit, but also has a strong focus on durability for SS19, adding leather and a plaid-print, materialized from 100% paper. Shoes are based on elders’ favorite cheap, plastic slippers and leather sandals. Combining the brand’s classic loafers and selected Leather, Chiang reinvents a fashion shoe for the elders through a fun and lively perspective. Classic pieces are re-announced in SS19, such as elastic band and outdoor climbing rope. The Taiwanese theme of ‘all in one’ also becomes a main design concept in which native’s are known to mix and match. SS19 introduces the multifunctional accessories through the ‘glasses necklace’ and ‘sling earrings’. Chiang’s SS19 collection is a multi-generational nod to Taiwanese culture. Notes to Editor As a further expression of Taiwanese culture, ANGUS CHIANG has worked with popular local brands: Wang De Chuan, PineApple Hill and Acera. Wang De Chuan’s Jinxuan Anshang Oolong Tea, PineApple Hill’s pure Chiayi pineapple cake and Acera’s yellow ceramic travel mug are placed together in the « Taiwanese Ga Ji La » retro bag echoing a warm-hearted and gift giving culture. Additionally, continuing the brands year’s fifth season, January Paris Fashion Week and March’s collaboration with NIKE at Shanghai Fashion Week, ANGUS CHIANG has selected NIKE EXP-X14 to echo with the main theme and add highlights to the show. Credits Taiwanese artists and National treasures: Jui-Chin Chiu and Wang-Hao Chang have both played a pivotal role in ANGUS CHIANG’s SS19 collection. Chiu is an artist who paints on transformer boxes and is the only Taiwanese citizen invited by the Swiss Alpine Museum to paint the transformer boxes in Bern, Switzerland. Chiu’s landscape paintings inspired the colours and reinterpretation seen throughout Chiang’s SS19 collection. Chang, who is often known as ‘information Grandpa’ for his work, teaching elders in local communities to use computers has lead groups of elders to create unique greeting graphics. Through this, Chang is narrowing the generation’s age gap. For SS19, ANGUS CHIANG will introduce a new music style, working with Taiwan Golden Melody Awards nominated Hip-Hop, Jazz Band, LE037+SOSS and Soul, Jazz vocalist 9m88. The SS19 catwalk will include a live performance by 9m88. Taiwanese artist, John Yuyi, is known for her unique tattooing. As SS19’s guest visional stylist, Yuyi will convey a different level of conflicting aesthetics through her distinctive perspective and taste. 9m88 and John Yuyi’s participation in the SS19 catwalk show creates a new-generation reunion, in which the former classmates have come together to complete SS19’s core concept and showcase the collaborative work of past generations.


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