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Autumn Winter 2022-23 Collection


   Finding the balance of being completed and being broken, which, however, overall giving a beautiful

impression with a powerful touch from the broken part.

   Different length, Different shapes, Different types of garment – Finding the exquisite balance of an

unbalanced combination into a single piece.



Look 01 / Look 02 / Look 09 / Look 22

Red and deep green colors are standing out through out the collection with the colors like Navy which is often

seen in the collection of kolor. The red coat fromthe first look has a simple part on the left side, but the other

side has the opposite feeling – the design as if some parts of the garment are ripped off and its lining and other

elements are coming out from it. The unusual fur sleeves and the lining with ruffles made of the material

contrary to that of the outer fabric, peek out from the missing parts, adding an elegantly feminine essence and

strength to a simple classical piece. And kolor  s first dungarees (Look 22) are designed in such a way that the

front and inner layers are separated and even the double suspenders on the right side. The chester coat

coordinated with this dungarees also has the sleeves cut to a short-sleeved length, from which the sleeves of a

completely different elements like blousons and fur are appearing from them.

For men  s pieces, a bright red duffel coat is key piece. (Look 9) On the left side of the neck-line and the hem, and

the right sleeve, the outer and inner fabrics are separated, revealing the inner structure that is usually hidden,

updating a familiar item into a piece with a unique kolor identity. The loose size, large toggle buttons, and red

stitching make this classic piece into a modern look. In the side-belt coat (Look 2), the outer and inner layers are

separated at the left hem, making the classic and simple chester coat much more refined. The V-neckline of the

sweater worn under has also broken essence, and the right side of the V-neck is transformed into a scarf as if the

model is wearing a knit scarf around the neck.

The hats that appear throughout the collection are made in collaboration with KIJIMA TAKAYUKI. A part of the

brim is cut out in the shape of the kolor logo, creating an accessory that captures the essence of « brokenness »

felt throughout the collection.


For this shoot, the models walked in a magic mirror tunnel with a navy carpet like often seen in kolor shows. By

the work of lights on inside and outside of the tunnel, the 80 extras wearing usual office wear in Japan who were

walking outside of the tunnel appeared and disappeared. Also, by switching the lights, the models reflected on

the mirror differently – creating an atmosphere as if there are multiple models standing at the same time.

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