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Swarovski Reveals Behind The Scenes of Collection II

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Swarovski Reveals Behind The Scenes of Collection II

Swarovski reveals behind the scenes of the “Collection II” campaign, an arrangement of pieces that continues an exploration into Swarovski’s Austrian heritage, and serves as an investigation into the unique properties of crystal, cut, colour and geometry.

The Behind The Scenes film, reveals intimate moments from the set of the Collection II campaign that was created in partnership with Mikael Jansson, featuring Adwoa Aboah, Malika Louback, Sharon Alexie, Malick Bodian, Ash Foo, Vetle Emile, Kelsey Lu, Jits Jente, Kayako Higuchi, Maryel Uchida, Tom Dapperton, The Bloom Twins, Lourdes Leon, Shalom Harlow, Ariel Nicholson, Ling Tan, Tess McMillan and Fadhi Mohamed.

“Collection II gives us a chance to dive further into our world of wonders. From a closer look into the muses of the Bohemian movement to the design aesthetic of our Austrian heritage, we’re able to enrich our brand story with a modern twist. In this way, each crystal item becomes a microcosm of our world.” –Giovanna Engelbert

As with its predecessor, Collection II is ripe with symbolism, simultaneously telling Swarovski’s brand story whilst playing with colours, textures, and cuts to create a plethora of pieces for individual self-expression—classic, punk, sweet, striking, and every personal expression in between.

“We’ve created pieces for everyone to play and experiment with crystal as a tool for their own expression.”Giovanna Engelbert, Creative Director

Photo Credits @ Mikael Jansson


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