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This collection, named ‘Apparition’, captures the eeriness and beauty of a dark night enlightened by a white water fog. The collection sets to present the contrast of light and darkness, silence and noise, loneliness and thrill.

Every piece is a poetic representation of Songzio’s elegant yet avant-garde, bold yet sensual aesthetic.

This season’s primary focus is on deconstructive and oriental pattern making. inspired by classical oriental garment, Songzio creates its unique cocoon rounded silhouettes and volume with angular pattern making.

The colonnade of roughly blackened hard wood, which covers the large hall, and the asymmetrically stacked ‘black monster’ that dominates the center stage is a sculptural expression of this orderly chaos.

This collection is also highlighted by the use of double and detachable layers that represent the brand’s concept of duality between order and disorder. from grouped leather threads, hand bent buttons, curved slits and cuts, detachable pieces and hand cracked leather, Songzio expresses the idea of order and disorder through craft and detailing.

This season’s color palette ranges from the brand’s favorite black, to hand painted olive, khaki and brown which then gets dissolved with hues of thermo transforming grey to white. new technologies of synthesizing thin metal foils and threads behind linen and leather were applied for this collection. the season’s signature pieces are hand cracked leather with underlying metal threads, hand painted garments, and avant-garde sportswear made of thermo transforming fabric that subtly change its colors even with

The slightest touch of the human hand. all embroideries, prints and fabric synthesis were made in the brand’s own ateliers of artisans with over 30 years of experience in Songzio’s fashion house.


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