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Facetasm « +New Documents » Fall Winter 2021

by pascal iakovou
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FACETASM « + New Documents » Fall Winter 21

In the midst of every day there’s a new beginning
People I don’t know, People I know, People I love
Each having its own life, its moments and its paths crossing
The person that I love also has a side somewhere that I don’t know about
And there will always be a life out there somewhere that I will never meet
It’s natural that I might be somewhere where I don’t even know myself at all
Days might seem the same, but there are certainly differences
Our journey consits of why, why, why and a little bit of wonder
A moment that will never come twice, be aware of it, replace it and arrange it
Though we will always have a lot of questions and conflicts
Moving forward, wavering, getting bored, while trying to figure out why
And yet I hope there are some things that will never change.


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