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White Mountaineering AW21 Men’s collection

by pascal iakovou
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Stay true to yourself. Won’t stop moving forward.
To pursue the possibility of fashion and live being yourself even under the hard circumstances. This collection is aimed to allow expressing yourself in the nature and living with it side by side. In considering the path for men’s fashion, it does not only satisfy self esteem, but also exposes the versatility of outdoor wear in fashion.

The collection movie shows all different types of people that go to the White Mountain to seek themselves, their thoughts and their preferences.

Fashion needs to face nature and environmental problems, and move forward.
The movie consists of the message, a need of biodiversity into fashion, reconsideration of power of fashion and interpreting our brand concept.

The season theme of ‘Stay true to yourself. Won’t stop moving forward.’ consists of our thoughts to do what you can do, even in this pandemic.

<Brand concept>
“ White (urban) Mountaineering (outdoors)” Design, Function, Technology.
Combining these elements and remaining true to ourselves White Mountaineering.

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