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Salvatore Ferragamo PE21

by pascal iakovou
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Life in Technicolor Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2021

Technical artisanship and ravishing colour combine in this Salvatore Ferragamo collection. Inspired by the suspenseful movies of Alfred Hitchcock, Creative Director Paul Andrew has fashioned a wardrobe of resilience and beauty for the heroines and heroes of the untold story ahead. Setting the scene, Paul Andrew said: “This spring, stuck at home, I rewatched classic Hitchcock, in particular Marnie, The Birds and Vertigo. In the past, watching those movies has always felt like inhabiting a surreal and strange world. But watching them during lockdown was different: they felt like “real life” because “real life” itself had suddenly become so strange, surreal and oddly beautiful. There are several direct homages to key Hitchcock moments in the collection, and the collection echoes that gorgeous, hyper-real level of colour saturation that is so evident in the beautiful Technicolor masterpiece that is Vertigo.” The collection is accompanied by a short film by Luca Guadagnino. Shot this summer in Technicolor, it is a Hitchcock-tinged evolution of suspense and anticipation set in Milan. The colour story running across both womenswear and menswear is a tale of vibrant, verdant vividity: its stars include Hedren Green, Vertigo Mauve, Technicolor Yellow, Lobster Mousse, and Bodega Bay Sky. They play against Gull Grey, Sparrow and Hitchcock Tan. Artisan techniques include hand applied embroidered feathers (looks 10, 20), and a handspun ‘floating’ string skirt (look 13). Technical innovations include a flexible eye-defying ‘tridimensional’ seersucker (looks 7,8), a dress in recycled jersey (look 22) and a new sustainable-grade wool/mohair crafted into outerwear (look 28). Key shoes include a square-toed slingbacks, and two reimagined versions of the F-wedge. For men’s shoes, new mono colour Gancini driving shoe. Key bags include newly sized and accessorised iterations of the Studio bag, a newly top-handled Trifolio, and an entirely new bag shape (look 1) whose design was inspired by a key scene in Hitchcock’s Marnie. Ensemble players include twill overalls for men (look 11) and chintz, nappa-collared jumpsuits for women (look 15), a Technicolor Yellow honeycomb knit dress (look 5) and sweater (look 18). Whether in nappa, lambskin or voile tailoring for women is impactfully proportioned and built for movement. A halter corset (look 29) in Gull Grey sustainable wool/mohair twists dramatically at the hip. To complement the Technicolor impact of tone, fabrications are designed for lightness, flexibility and strength. Wherever the twists of destiny take us, this is a Salvatore Ferragamo collection fit for every turn.


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