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Indian Couture Week – Rahul Mishra x The Soneva Collection

by pascal iakovou
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International Indian designer, Rahul Mishra, has partnered with pioneers of Sustainable luxury (much like his brand ethos) Soneva for launch a new collection inspired by Rahul’s stay and personal experineces at Soneva Fushi: The Soneva Collection by Rahul Mishra. The new collection will be launched at the Indian Couture Week 2020, in the last week of July.

“One often needs to step away from home to look at it from a different lens. The privilege of travel enables the genesis of fresh perspectives and fuels us to look deeper within ourselves.

On a recent trip to Soneva Fushi – Maldives, as I submerged myself quite literally, into an unfamiliar world, a series of stark realisations dawned upon me. Mesmerised by the million shades of blue, the ever-changing abstract shapes made up of a diaspora of fish, the alienesque under-water foliage and the striking corals, it was a mammoth task to register the beauty unfolding before me – an experience that was equal parts surreal and humbling. »

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