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This season, Ingie perpetuates her celebration and dedication to the free and empowered woman, whose natural aura shines, through the combination of couture and fine art, with a sophisticated and feminine collection.

She pays homage through her Spring-Summer 2020 collection to a muse whose career path and works have inspired her and opened the door for others who dare.

An embodiment of Mexican culture, a feminist icon and political activist, both committed and visionary, Ingie evokes a multi-faceted woman who successfully fuses strength and sensitivity: Frida Khalo.

The work of this pioneering artist stamped the collective imagination with an indelible imprint, her audacity and unique style contribute equally to the myth as they do to her artwork.

The essence of the Spring-Summer collection is drawn from its strength to overcome aesthetic codes and avant-garde ambiguity. The combination of genres, techniques and fabrics in a plethora of colours with shimmering embroidery, floral prints and multicoloured stripes are expressed through this audacious collection.

The new collection comprises a plethora of structured bustiers in pleated plumetis and leather harnesses, with a wide-ranging proposal of fluid, long, strapless dresses and imposing skirts adorned with ruffles, ribbons, lace or macramé. An ultra-short boned mini-dress combined with many other structured pieces, shirts with voluminous sleeves, a long jacket cinched at the waist with double seams, a jacket worn over wide-legged pants and a tiered ruffle cape, are all emblematic of the seasonal inspiration.

Faithful to its DNA, the art of delicate embroidery and subtle noble embellishments adorn the lightness of a tulle or plumetis, merging elegantly with the flowers and stripes of crepe or georgette, or the sparkle of the vibrant colours of cady or duchess satin. Black and white fuse with yellow, green and red and cobalt blue: colour is a dominant mistress.

The bravura of this collection is also the accumulation of the bold accessories. An eclectic range of earrings and necklaces, not forgetting the moccasins and flat sandals as well as an oversized fringed cross-over bag complete the silhouette.

The Spring-Summer 2020 collection is contemporary, and designed for the strong, free, cosmopolitan woman of today. Ingie has mastered the art of the creation of both glamorous and sophisticated pieces forming an infinitely limitless style, that captures both by day and by night, the timeless beauty of an independent woman whose femininity is both serene and fearless, and unapologetically proud of who she is.

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