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During the late seventies through the eighties, the world was still riding a wave of euphoric optimism. Following a long recovery from WWII, many countries bore the fruit of a new economic independence and none more so than the global force of Japan. Here eighties style over-indulgence reigned, with people spending ostentatiously on luxury goods, travel, and, in general, having a good time. A new soundtrack was needed to capture the mood of the era, and with that City Pop was born. Taking influences from America – new wave and jazz fusion as well as other areas of Asia, it was urban pop music as a soundtrack to a glitzy urban lifestyle. Many Japanese who grew up with City Pop remember it as uncool easy listening for yuppies. But in the hands of a young new dedicated audience, it’s experiencing an underground rebirth.

Crédits : Nicolas Brulez

Blending a sense of the past and the present is at the heart of WOOYOUNGMI SS20. It is in keeping with a new generation that are rediscovering scenes from past decades; the look is never replicated, it’s a modern retelling. SS20 is a modern guy playing a Mariya Takeuchi vinyl. The collection is a reimagined City Pop scene, with all the eccentric cool of modern Asia streetstyle.

Utility tailoring is the new uniform for staying cool on the hot city streets. Nylon cargo pants, shorts and jackets are adorned with heavy zips. Holiday shorts are remade for the city, worn with tailored jackets and large pocket overcoats. Kitsch Hawaiian shirts in sunset hues are inspired by the dreamy nostalgic album artwork of the city pop genre. The scenes original decade glimmers in retro stripped knits and printed shirts. And the acid dip-dye of denims worn with matching tee-shirts spikes the collection’s otherwise mellow palette.

Accessories this season include a collaboration with jewellery brand Portrait Report. Cute silver charms in the shape of palm trees and dolphins swing from silver chain necklaces and over-sized hoop earrings. Eyes are shielded from the evening sun’s glare by the coloured lenses of White Heat sunglasses by Andy Wolf.

Corporate-wear is given the ‘out-of-office’ treatment with a palm tree print on clock cards, and dangling leather key chain USBs. With his recycled paper festival bag and nylon beret, the WYM SS20 boy is ready to tune out and enjoy the hazy city summer vibes.



Andrej Skok @Saintlukeartists


Eyesight Production



Backstage Photography

Kasia Bobula


Barbaranicoli & Leilaananna @ MANAGEMENT+ARTISTS


Stuart Sibley


Shoji Fujii


Gemma Smith-Edhouse @LGA Management


Gary Gill @ Streeters


Portrait Report


Andy Wolf

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