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The TV set is disconnected. Probably, transmissions have just ended, but nobody knows when they will start again. It’s time to spend some time outside, getting in touch with the real world, experiencing thingsin the first person, going to the museum orjuststrolling down the street. Marco De Vincenzo revives the productive frustrations of his childhood, when a turned off TV would put him in a state of heightened curiosity to be satisfied with real experiences. In today’s world and today’s terms, the feeling is almost utopian: going offline is nothing less than an act of peaceful protest, a rediscovery of proper human interaction and bonds. The collection joyously mixes all these feelings: it is suffused with hazy Seventies memories, with ideas of womanhood to be experienced collectively, maybe in rainbow-hued demonstrations, maybe looking at the enlarged pixels of a classic painting. The atmosphere is that of a Sunday: lazy and prone to leisure, with elements of the private and the domestic infiltrating the public, naturally. Coats and duvet outerwear are assertive and protective, but what goes underneath is as fragile as a camisole, or as easy as a loose jumper. Flares flow and pixels swarm as Antonello da Messina pops up. The end of transmissions logo surfaces on faux fur, recalling why the adventure happened. Glitzy boots and rainbow glitter make the enjoyment of a real moment synonymous for sparkle. Candles and Red Ribbons are embroidered onto bags: getting outside comes with a hefty dose of knowledge and hope.

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