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HENRIK VIBSKOV Autumn / Winter 2018

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Please Analyze Volumize Moisturize Me
Autumn / Winter2018
The Man Who Measures the Clouds(L’homme qui mesure les nuages)isan art piece by Jan Fabre that Vibskovcame across last summer during his travels inKanasawa,Japan. Thepoetic gesture of measuring something unmeasurable inspired him and the teamfor theA/W18-collection. To find sense where there is no senseina culture where we are obsessed about numbers,we seek to measure, analyze, compare and categorize. Peopleincreasingly depend on numbers to know how theyare doing for virtually everything.We measure ourselves, size, height, distance, amount, time, intelligence, popularity and even feelings.If you cannumber it, you cancontrol it. We want to pause for a momenttoquestion this number maniaandto know what is going on around us, how our actions impact others, how the environment is changing and how wearechanging.If we want to change what wecare about, shouldn’t we change what we measure?The collection reflects the theme in various ways; prints of littleworking peopletrying to analyzetheir surroundings, oversized ribbing on knitwear that seems like it camefrom another measuring system, free floating paint strokes that don’t want to fit the grid in thebackground, prolonged buttonstands andsleeve slitsand weave onsuiting that shows measure tapes woven into the that garments. Some of the garments are developed from the starting point where pieces from earlier collection were sewn together in new scales and original measurements were swapped around. Fifteen performers inbrightyellow working outfits are controlling manually themechanicalmeasuringmopsthat analyze the bodies lying underneath.Through rhythm,sound, body movement and pulse the installation emphasizes the inspiration of the collection. It is avisualizationon how people become the machine controlled by measurements.

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