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Amaya Arzuaga Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

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Amaya Arzuaga is a Spanish designer who impressed us last season by using plastic fabrics and integrating them to her designs. This season, she chooses a bold color palette without prints (as usual) and very structured looks.

The first pieces if garments are black, they give off a sophisticated and clean-cut vibe. Some clothes feature an interesting work on volumes and pleating, and can easily remind the viewer of the shapes of an exotic flower.

Floor length is de-rigueur for pants and dresses, even some of the coats and capes are of floor length. We witness some hints of fabrics mixing in very subtle ways.

The colors are a tad more surprising. A bold 70s orange makes an appearance mid-show on very geometric silhouettes, dark and deep green is found on the long dresses, knits and cloaks and high collars.

The collection is very typical of Amaya Arzuaga, as she uses pure lines and geometries and the intelligence of her creations comes from the shapes and the way she works on fabrics.

Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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