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Peachoo+Krejberg Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

by pascal iakovou
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Fabric mixes were obviously the inspiration for the Peachoo+Krejberg duo. They even took the duo thing to the next level by presenting two colllections within one. For Autumn/Winter 20132014, we have a daywear collection and a nightwear collection at Peachoo+Krejberg.

The first part of the collection is very raw. The first look is composed by fur and shearling which bring the attendees to the dark side of Peachoo+Krejberg. Black is the dominant tone even though we get to see a lot of earthy tones, usually different fabrics are mixed and panelling is the basis. Webs of wool create a sweater and the scenery is all too reminiscent of the rawness of stones and the clothes reminds easily of caves.

The second part of this collection is more eveningwear-oriented as we witness long gowns made of lurex and sequins, all structured by the additions of leather corsets. The rawness of the first part of the show makes appearances through small details and the use of more wintery fabrics such as wool and leather.

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