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After the cocktail hour, night falls and with it comes the time for
celebration and champagne in this Azzaro Spring-Summer 2013
collection… Mathilde Castello Branco had invited us to a heady early
evening for her pre-collection, and now she brings us headlong into a
pulsating party filled with champagne bubbles and fireworks. Inspired by
the glimmer of catherine wheels in a night sky, the designer dresses her
Azzaro woman with light. Diamanté and crystals transform into a shower
of stars on the back of a mysterious dress, or cover necklines under
which the skin can be glimpsed. Lights shimmer as if to immortalise the
evanescent. Like the trails of a beautiful blast, light coils in on
itself, transforms into a beautifully pleated fabric inspired by designs
from the house’s archive. A sparkling champagne-coloured dress is the
direct incarnation of the collection’s magic, bringing together pleats,
coils, bubbles and glitter. Created from two layers of super-fine
jersey, a sky-coloured dress invites contemplation. A flash of bright
white light appears on long dresses that are not as demure as they seem.
A bolt of golden yellow explodes across a cocktai dress or a graphic
all-in-one. A « drinks » print prints a hint of freshness. As if to play
with contrasts, Mathilde Castello Branco offers a range of bathing suits
reflecting the shimmering codes of the collection, bathed in light and
diamanté, worn with luxurious trenchcoats in embroidered black organza
or transparent vinyl, reflecting a certain ironic modesty.

Each design can be transformed thanks to bright, modern accessories.
Transparent belts decorated with crystals or diamanté studs change the
silhouette of a dress. Necklaces and bracelets add a hint of sparkle.
Evening bags play with the idea of bling, as a solitaire stone becomes a
shoulder bag or glitters on the clasp of a clutch in the colours of the
party. Heels like ice-picks reflect the Azzaro woman’s piquant,
lightened with a hint of champagne bubbles, glitter or colour.

At once sumptuous and light, elegant and sensual, this collection
dazzles like a party that remains in the memory for a long time.

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