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Fashion and Mobile Technologies Created by 360Fashion Launched at the CHIC China

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360Fashion Network has been invited by the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) to create an 800-sqm FASHION AND MOBILE ZONE during the show that was held at the New China International Exhibition Center from March 26th – 29th, 2012. The zone showcases how fashion brands can harness the latest mobile technologies in their brand building, retail space, and advertising campaigns.

The zone is at the South Gate (main entrance) of the Exhibition Center and was open to the public during CHIC. According to Anina Net, founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network, this zone allows visitors to experience the power of Augmented Reality, QR Codes, and Near Filed Communication (NFC) as presented on the three different walls of the zone. Visitors could also download the 360Fashion apps displayed on the fourth wall to any mobile phone.

Dedicated to the celebration of the CHIC’s 20th anniversary, the Augmented Reality area has been designed by 360Fashion with a historical timeline of the CHIC. Past photos and videos of the CHIC are well-hidden and viewable only through the 360AR apps available on iPhone (http://getap.ps/360AR) and Android (http://bit.ly/360FAR). As shown on the wall for this anniversary theme, exclusive footage, interviews, and fashion photos that have never been publicized since 1993 made their debut public appearance.

To demonstrate the QR Code technology, 360Fashion has built a retail environment for the CHIC YOUNG BLOOD Area using hangtags on products, posters, and display cases. Visitors could scan the QR codes on the tags, posters, and walls, and be immediately linked to weibo, website, eCommerce, and contact information for the brands of these products.

The NFC wall is where 360Fashion is cooperating with ESMOD Fashion School of Beijing, displaying a trend analysis collected about new technological textiles and fabrics. “Visitors can touch the textiles with NFC enabled phones and instantly see the name of the designer. This shows how brands can empower their products by using the mobile device,” said Anina Net, founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network.

The APP wall presents all the 360Fashion Network mobile applications downloadable to almost every mobile phone (http://getap.ps/360news): from low-end phones to high-end devices. Anina is also launching her own mobile game for girls « ANINA DRESS UP », downloadable to play on iPhone (http://getap.ps/ADUFree), along with 360Fashion Look-Book app pre-installed on all N9 handsets in China (http://bit.ly/360FN9). In addition, on the wall, a series of fashion brand apps are available for viewing and downloading so spectators can load their phones with fashion.

“We have been hosting CHIC for the last 20 years; with 360Fashion’s participation and support this year, we are able to show the world that we are in pace with the new technologies for fashion brands,” said Mr. Chen Dapeng, Executive Vice President of China National Garment Association.

In addition to offering the opportunity for an on-site technological experience, 360Fashion was also hosting lectures on mobile technology, mCommerce, technology fabrics, and social media at the FASHION & MOBILE ZONE at 2pm daily from March 26th – 28th. Attendees and spectators can share Anina’s expertise on how to use emerging technologies to connect with customers and build their brands.

“Working with CHIC is a great step forward for Fashion & Technology globally. The fashion industry worldwide is struggling to understand how to leverage mobile and social technologies into their traditional businesses. With this exhibition we can clearly show brands how these new interactive media can support their collections and bring them into intimate contact with customers,” said Anina, Founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network.

Research shows that there are 1 billion mobile subscribers in China, among which 180 million are smart phone owners, a market that is predicted to grow to 500 million by 2015. However, Chinese fashion brands in general are not currently maximizing branded mobile apps for their branding and corporate communication, which is the norm for Western brands overseas. Noting the situation, CHIC has invited Anina to speak at 9:30am, March 28th at the 17th China Fashion Forum on Mobile & Fashion technologies. Interested parties are welcome to come and share their ideas with Anina.

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