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Tyen at the Cannes Fashion Photography Festival

by Leila
The 9th Cannes Fashion Photography Festival is taking place in Cannes from the 15th June to the 28th August 2011. Fashion shots of monumental proportions from 90 different photographers will be available on the streets of Cannes and at the Palm Beach Casino for the pleasure of the public, the fans and fellow photographers.


Since 2003, Cannes has been hosting one of the most celebrated events of the year, the Cannes Fashion Photography Festival. Every single soul in the city, from all backgrounds, origins or industry, will be able to enjoy and let their imagination flourish languidly into the beautiful photographs of 90 dedicated fashion photographers, as they will be on display all around the streets of that glamorous city in the South of France.

Gazing at some of those images, that will remain forever iconic of their artistic creators and of the current trends in fashion photography, one cannot help but wonder at the subtlety and refinement of this never ending artistic concept of looking and capturing fashion, beauty and the human body through a lens. Contrasting with the paper medium where those images are usually available, the event is one meant is, without a doubt, sensuous, pleasurable as well as provocative.

Tyen N° 4

Tyen N° 4

This year’s guest photographer, which work will be on display at the Port Canto roseraie on the Croisette, is none other than the great fashion and beauty photographer Tyen. He is the author of graphic and vibrant beauty and fashion images, the celebrated holder of a 30 year career at Dior, a man with a vision and a photographer of celebrities amongst whom are Carla Bruni, Natalie Portman, Monica Bellucci, Milla Jovovich, Emmanuelle Beart, Laetitia Casta, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder, and Helena Christensen.

Photographs will be judged by Peter KNAPP, Jean-Luc MONTEROSSO, and Fred RAWYLER with several prizes to be distributed according to the creativity, dare and imagination of the photographers. There will also be a prize awarded to one of the already established photographers and another to a Young Talent. Guest photographer Tyen will also be awarded a prize.

Amongst the photography on display are works from Straulino, Branislav Simonsick, Elisabeth Toll, Matteo Bertolio, Ania Frers, and Ron Contarsy. For a list of all the photographers on exhibit at the Cannes Fashion Photography Festival and for more information on the event, please visit: http://www.festivalphotomode.com/


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