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22/4 Spring/Summer 2012 Paris Fashion Week Men’s

by pascal iakovou
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22/4 Printemps Été 2012 « Villageois du Monde »

Inspiré par un monde globalisé qui n’est finalement plus qu’un village 22/4, nous a proposé en cette saison un collection romantique, dandyesque. Une collection ancrée dans le passé pour mieux regarder l’avenir.

22/4 Spring/Summer collection 2012 is dedicated to all « global villagers ».

“I have been inspired by the idea that today our world has shrunk and expanded itself at the same time.

We are able to travel around the world virtually without the need to move physically. In my eyes everyone has become a « global villager ».

« And this impression immediately generated associations of foreign countries, cultures and natures in my mind. I had the feeling that I could smell and taste the spices of India or China. I had these pictures in my mind of farmers in Indonesia who till their fields or I imagined potters who work with clay. All these colours and pictures are the foundations of the collection’s development and have become part of the collection’s spirit.”

The collection melts the spirit of dandyism with the coolness and the casualty of a globetrotter’s wardrobe. By combining classical and very traditional summer wool fabrics, as well as patterns, with casual cotton blends and engineered modern fabric, together it is merged in a fresh and relaxed silhouette.

The colours are inspired by nature and adapted for it to emphasize our idea of globetrotting. Thus giving you the feelings you get while travelling, physically or virtually. You have mustard and curry yellow shades, red wine reds, ash, clay and stone greys, chalk cliff colours, olive greens and variations of blue and beige colours in the collection.

The collection’s character is airy, casual and light but still indicates our classical and traditional style. Like in every collection we play with our typical quotations regarding the classical and traditional men’s wear wardrobe. Once again we have extracted some specific and very traditional, classical elements from their original context and revive them by translating them into a new language, the language of 22/4, with it’s fresh and vanguard spirit.

22/4’s intention and aim is to liberate the traditional classic men’s wear wardrobe and to put it into a casual context that works for both men and women.

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