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Mal-Aimée – Paris fashion week – Aw2011

by pascal iakovou
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Mal-Aimée is actually a fashion brand, and there’s plenty to love… clothing made in France, attention to detail, young designers, interesting cuts, and a style identity that expresses itself from one season to the next.

This is not your mass-market brand, and thank goodness for that. It’s a youthful brand, and could use a little boosting from the fashion community in Paris for the designers are dedicated to a true search for quality, inspiration and style.

I was glad to see Jean Paul Cauvin at the presentation on March 8th 2011 at the palace hotel Le Crillon, as e was last season. I got up the nerve to approach him and ask him a few questions, and found and affirmation of my assumptions that he is a journalist who prefers to preoccupy himself with fashion designers who are more in the search of quality of design and product than with designers who are out to make a sensation for a few years for profit. He’s my kinda fashion journalist!!!

Concerning the collection, there’s similar cits from last season, but with a lot more “daring”, and a more seasonal approach to material. Although I do find though that the articles tend to be out-of-season (shorts); but this is not the first brand I have seen do this for Fall and Winter collections this year.

Melissa Ladd / www.pretemoiparis.com

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mutuelle swiss life 1 avril 2011 - 8 h 13 min

de très belles photos 🙂

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