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Basso & Brooke Spring / Summer 2011 London Fashion Week

by pascal iakovou
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Basso & Brooke

Spring / Summer 2010

Yet another brand turning to the minimal trend for spring inspirations.
In a season where many Fashion Editors and style bloggers have confessed to collections looking pretty and wearable without the fun of showpieces and sometimes, much needed catwalk absurdities.

For Basso & Brooke however Spring/Summer is derived from shapes of the 60s and 70s, with clean classic lines and short skirts, palazzo pants and jumpsuits in earthy tones and dusty pastels. Fabrics were light, bouncy, and just that perfect amount of airy. Together with the thumping music, the show served as a great wake-up call for all snoozy celebrities and editors at th front row

These ultra luxe and delicate fabrics were fabulously matched with truly intricate prints of handwritten notes by some of histories greatest creative minds like Da Vinci, Tolstoy, Balzac, Saint -Exupery amongst others. Adding a sense of intelligence to a vintage style print.
Each piece demanded a second and much closer look.
Basso & Brooke proved that sometimes to go forward one was to look back.
A true cocktail party conversation starter.

Fernando Torres

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