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The silver lining shines on: Andromeda presents Hydroargentum

Murano (Venice), Italy/June 2010 – Andromeda presents Hydroargentum, a new collection capturing the
essence of the classical Venice style’s structure and synthesizing its shapes, in a vibrant and inspired
gesture: an esthetic intuition, converting geometry into imagination and turning shape into a glowing idea.

The alchemic suggestion of the collection is more present than ever: Hydroargentum is in fact the name
given by the ancient alchemists to mercury, the liquid metal, whose symbolic meaning is to be searched in
its property to adjust to the receptacle that contains it and therefore in fast forward thinking. By the
alternating of fluidity and proportion, Hydroargentum’s shapes expand in space flowing through intellect
reflecting the thought of those who contemplates it.

From the water, to the sky

The strong iconic connotation of Hydroargentum triggered the iconography inspired by the collection:
Andromeda has in fact produced a photo shoot about Hydroargentum, portraying it in a lyrical and coral
context, while it was suspended against the sky and drowned in the water. The evocative images are today
collected in an exclusive, limited-edition, 170 pages photographic book: the Hydroargentum’s collection

The collection launch

Born in 2009, designed by Leonardo De Carlo and initially suggested in 3 colors – silver, blue, bronze –
Hydroargentum’s dimensions vary from 15 to 96 lights and, just like every Andromeda collection, it can be
redesigned and customized according to the architectural parameters of the space it will be collocated into.
The collection launch will take place simultaneously through Andromeda’s representatives in Venice, Miami,
London, Dubai, New Delhi, Moscow, El Cairo.


Andromeda is one of the world’s leading brands in luxury custom, hand-made glass lighting design.
Set up in Murano in 1972, Andromeda brings a sense of modernity through its original interpretation of
aesthetic concepts. Since the 90’s, President Gianluca Vecchi starts a series of collaborations involving
custom projects with some of the most influential and recognizable names in architecture design. In 2005,
Vecchi sets a new and unprecedented standard in the Italian industry and offers Andromeda’s creative
direction to Artist Michela Vianello. On October 2nd of 2008, the Eurispes research centre placed Andromeda
among the Italy’s 100 most innovative companies, including it in the 3rd report on Italian Excellence.
David Chipperfield, Pierre Yves Rochon, Imaad Rahmouni, Tobia Scarpa, Norman Foster and the artist Julian
Schnabel are just a few of the names Andromeda worked with over the years. (www.andromedamurano.it)
(Photos: Cristiano Corte)

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