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Children of the discordance FW22

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 Children of the discordance joins once again Milan Fashion Week to present its Autumn/Winter ‘22 in digital format 

Children of the discordance’s Autumn/Winter’22 collection, was presented within Milan Fashion week’s official show calendar. On January the 18th at 10:30 CET, REASON, the movie created for the event, was broadcasted on CNMI platform (milanofashionweek.cameramoda.it). 

For the fourth consecutive season, Japanese brand Children of the discordance, which debuted in Milan calendar in July 2020 on the occasion of Milan Digital Fashion Week edition, presented its collection at Milan Fashion Week in a digital format. 

It was my fourth time at Milan Fashion Week. I have never had the chance to show in person in Milan, but I feel that the city is deeply meaningful to me. I was looking forward to promote once again Japanese hip-hop culture and our brand’s DNA through new means of expression of street culture” said Shikama Hideaki, Children of the discordance’s creative director. 

The seasonal fashion film is titled, as the collection, REASON, and was directed once again by Keita Suzuki, already director of dawn and PROGRESS, the AW21 and SS22 fashion films produced by the brand. REASON engages the audience with a new form of street culture inspired live performance. This season three Japanese BMX professional riders presents an 80’s inspired collection: YU YAMAMOTO and SHITA HIGA KIO HAYAKAWA,who has been awarded the 2021 JFBF BMX FLATLAND ALL JAPAN CHAMPION and 2021 NEVER OFF THE BATTLE Champion awards. 

In the video, the riders showcase FW22’s looks reminiscent of 80’s outdoor wear and military wear and made with an original fabrics and textile created by the designers in collaboration with Japanese textile makers. The textiles are designed to have a retro feel, while still looking fresh. The color and the rich patterns and graphics of the garments contrast against the neutral tones of the environment and the minimalism of the architecture. 

After skateboarding, hip hop music and street dance, a new chapter of my own background which deeply relates to Children of the discordance’s identity. This season, I looked back at the 80’s culture and expressed it in Children of the discordance’s own way. I had a strong desire to update and recreate something from that time. Those years represent the first ten years of my life. I was young, but the 80’s culture and music had such a deep influence on me. I only realised that much later and recently I thought back to “Reason”, the song by Zürich’s artist Maadrhino, which became an inspiration for this season”. 

Titled. indeed, REASON, the new FW22 collection represents Shikama’s passion for the very simple act of producing fashion from vintage and crafting new pieces of clothing. “When I was asked why I make clothes, I would just say « because I love it”. I have been fascinated 


by making clothes for about the last 30 years. I enjoy fashion as my profession and as my vocation. Fashion is my reason. This season is inspired by fashion, the reason why I have lived try life this way. Why I’m here now, why I have these clothes, why I met you….Answering « why » is a bit of a difficult question. I hope people who saw the video of the collection or wore COTD will be able to give reason to other people.I want people to look for a « REASON » when they touch COTD.There must be a reason for the day, even when we live without thinking” 

Liaising to the last winter collections, REASON will bring together diverse and apparently very distant references to pursue the designer’s perpetual quest toward new applications of vintage fabrics. AW22 will see dead stock fabrics and 80’s archive pieces updated with the latest technology and materials. Vintage military and denim fabrics sourced from usa turn into unique pieces. 

As in last seasons, the collection will bring forward Children of the discordance’s signature gradation of black and white and its experimentations on grey shades, ranging from charcoal grey to light grey. AW22 main foundation tones will be, though, represented by oatmeal and beige. Shades of powerful orange and red, AW22’s highlights, will bring strength to the wintery palette. “I believe that color is necessary even in the midst of nothingness. I wish I could be a catalyst to enrich the feelings of those people. In the past two years, I have come to strongly believe it. The concept is « COLOR » in nothingness” said Shikama. 

Also part of the collection a collaboration with with UGG. In partnership with the Australian brand Children of the discordance has designed UGG unique styles inspired by Native American and by Western Boots. 

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Pro BMX Flatland Rider 



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