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With every new season, Faith Connexion goes back to its roots and reinterprets its guiding principles in a never-ending cycle of renewal.

Images courtesy of Christophe Decarnin

For Fall-Winter 2022 the collective unearthed the Maison’s original logotype: half Gothic, half bling, the embodiment of a «too much is never enough» attitude straight out of the 2000s, the era that gave birth to the brand. The artist «8», a long-time collaborator, was given carte blanche for its reincarnation. His updated logotypes as well as a brand new logoform he created are omnipresent this season in a diversity of formats and volumes. We find them adorning a revisited 50s style women’s tweed suit, screened on the back of a hooded micro bomber, embelli­shing the leg of a pair of jeans, running all the way down to the heels of the shoes.

The collection takes life as a series of portraits of cool kids, the «usual suspects» of the Maison, presented here almost like a gallery of clones. The silhouettes are sharp and precise, deceptively simple, set against a backdrop of skintight black or white turtlenecks that seem to convert the models into shop-display mannequins. Identical wigs for both men and women unify and mask personalities, a social com­mentary on the emptiness of an ever more standardized society. Against this stark backdrop, the pieces of the collection embody the soul and allow each participant to tell their story and establish their individual identity.

Of course, the Maison’s codes and icons are present and accounted for. Shearlings (often reversible) are back in the form of luxurious hoodies with leopard printed fur. The lavaliere adorns a long lurex dress with a sunburst-pleated skirt. A play on patterns animates a dress where the print of the bodice is reversed and enlarged on the skirt. Tweed, as always, is reimagined in new ways: as a sophisticated hunting jacket or as an unexpected cardigan. A modern couture suit takes the form of a pencil skirt and a small blazer that recalls a denim jacket. A street style version includes an oversized jacket in tweed lurex, for a 90s hip-hop vibe.

Proportions are pushed to the extreme in both directions. Inspirations from different eras mix and merge as if passed through a filter.

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