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Vibskov: Biblioteca of Micro Selves AW22

by pascal iakovou
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For the AW22, collection Henrik Vibskov went to outer space while looking into different ways of archiving our dearest belongings and memories of earth.

How is the future life on earth going to be like, one might ask oneself, especially seen in the light of recent times that put the entire earth upside down. What are we going to leave behind someday? What are we going to save carefully to remind us of former days, when life was perhaps simpler? Archiving things for the future – has always been a way for humans to be able to look back and observe the past. A way of understanding the present better and dreaming of a hopeful future. In South Korea, female divers are collecting objects from the ancient ocean archive, revealing them to the sun. In Svalbard in Norway, near the polar circle, the Global Seed Vault exists, a secure backup facility for the world crop diversity. The scientific way of preserving exists alongside the more primitive way of saving treasures from the world. These images and elements of archiving and the idea of sending it out to space form the profile of the AW22 collection.

How is our wardrobe reflecting and encapsulating the time we are living in? In this collection, the combination of grandma’s beloved inherited dress with the colors and textures of another time co-exists alongside a more futuristic, bustling and practical look.

A dream-toned landscape is revealed. Spaceships, moon landscapes and mountains from another solar system appear on prints in dark colors with a sudden glimpse of light. Black, brown, beige, dark red, navy-blue, with a pop of mandarin, lilac and deep purple. The prints are pulsing with blurred light, like car lights on a rainy dark horizon or a flickering tv screen. Planets are drifting in an unfamiliar galaxy like symbols and patches of space stations are to find on checked, vintage-like fabric.

The silhouettes are bulky and voluminous, with details inspired by protection gear like hoodies, special buckles, belts, vests and placement pockets. Padded dresses mixing the old-school woman silhouette with protection wear in off-white, pale lilac and with a print of spinning distant planets. Craft jumpsuit in greywashed navy denim, Apollo vest with special binding, Orbit dress with placement pockets and Helium denim dungarees. An eccentric sculptural plissé group in a florescent print of flashing lights and planets. The paper plane knit is an assembly instruction and the jacquard knit reveals floating moon landscapes and spaceships.

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