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The Jitrois Klub is now opened

The world is reopening its doors again after two years, that felt like we were all being suspended. Now is the season of renaissance, festivals, raves, parties and desire. The true essence of the Jitrois Klub shines through most brightly in our shared post-pandemic world, where the lovers of leather, passion and luxury are now able to reconnect again in person after living in a virtual realm. Jean-Claude Jitrois created the SS22 collection as a wardrobe for this long awaited yet monumental celebration, having in sight the reunion of all to assemble in a leather wonderland framed by escapism and lust. The collection was designed for playful seduction, summer nights and the freedom to finally dance. The clothes are constructed with movement in mind, to reveal parts of the body, to emphasise and liberate. The skin is enveloped by ergonomic stretch leather strips. Asymmetrical bandeau’ and micro-miniskirts that are united by a new body geometry. The exposed skin now forms part of the pattern and design. Corseted tops and dresses enhance the lines of the neck and chest alongside refining the waist by the draping of ultra-fine stretch leather that flows downwards, maintained by structured strong horizontal lines creating as a result the perfect ensemble for a midsummer night’s dream come true. The luxurious black second skin stretch leather is nocturnal, shiny and luminous. It plays with reflections and harmonises with gold and white sat against Jitrois’ trademark patinated stretch denim leather. The collection off-course has its solar counterpart with colourful injections of bright orange, turquoise, ultra-violet and red but also earthy hues of khaki, burnt orange and beige. This collection was designed with the idea of repopulating the planet with love, until the early hours of the morning. Welcome to the #jitroisklub

Jean Claude Jitrois

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