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Fashion is artifice, but the regenerative urge that drives it is intrinsically natural. Del Core Collection Zero explores such an evolutionary space of body and mind.

Evolution and adaptability are survival strategies that lead to constant reinvention, both in the human and the natural realms. Dresses, our chosen skin, are part of this process – instruments of change, in fact.

The endless movement of the natural world inspires an idea of mutant glamour – an ever-evolving fantasy of change, developed in the painstaking work of the ateliers.

Covered in nets, barely touched by straight lines or sculpted by curves, the body mutates, redesigned in ways that ceaselessly morph.

Long, short, masculine, feminine, solid, embellished, bright, dark collide in one seamless, glamorous flow.

The state of matter changes from firm to airy, from matte to shiny as colors glide from bright to poisonous to black, and shapes evolve from sculptural to liquid. Tailoring is sharp and monochromatic. Dresses fall straight, drape, curve.

Mutations take place. Pleating grows like mushrooms on the bark of a tree or gigantic leaves. Sleeves get an acrylic shine. Feathers sprout along the edges of voluminous coats and on shoes like antennae. Flowers bloom all over like bacteria. Crystals multiply like dew drops.

A morphing of realms transpires. The natural and the artificial collide in linings and heels as dense as fungi crowns, delicate embroidery as tufts of mold, glasses as organic shields.

A merging of human savoir-faire and the splendor of mother nature ignites the re-emergence into the natural through the deftly man-made, in luscious fabrications of silk, wool, taffetas, brocade, jacquard, fil coupè.

Collection Zero is the first thought of an aesthetic manifesto sparked by an admiration for the underlying forces of this world to inflame a love of preservation and celebrate beauty in its diversities and complexities.

Classicism and glamour intertwine in a time-lapse compressing eons into one seamless evolutionary movement.

Beauty is not static.

courtesy of Valerio Mezzanotti for Del Core

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