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MEDEA FW21/22 Collection & Campaign

by pascal iakovou
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Our first thought in conceiving the collection is the person rather than the object.

The object, the bag, is the vehicle. We would love for the person that drives it to feel comfortable, fabulous, empowered and part of a community.

For the presentation of the collection we worked with the British artist and designer Harry Freegard. He created a surreal and extreme surrounding which once again remarked the clash between the simplicity and functionality of the design and the very articulate work and imaginary around it.


We introduced a new material,100% metal free leather.

This type of leather doesn’t release any heavy metals – responsible for soil and water pollution – into the environment during both tanning and disposal process. That is why the object has a very colourful eco print that states “THIS BAG BREAKS DOWN IN DIRT“.

For the carry over styles–our iconic leather shopping bags–we introduced a capsule collection made with the scraps of the leather from previous seasons – the result is a “harlequin” bag.

For the first time we introduced a new material for our soft bag, the busted Medea: a super shiny croc-embossed leather. The result is a clash between the simplicity of an old used shopping bag and the luxury feeling of crocodile.

Last season we launched a new shape, the Europa, whose name is an homage to the Greek goddess. This time around we introduced a new playful size, the baguette, and a classic, strong and eye-catching metallic “saffiano” leather.

For small accessories we introduced the coin bag, a small practical leather pouch shaped like the Europa bag. It’s the first time we have used a zip on a bag.


Art direction: Harry Freegard

Styling: Harry Freegard

Videographer: Milo Van-Giap

Make up : Grace Sinnot

Hair: John Allan

Set Design: Rory Mullen


Jess Maybury @Elite

Coumba @Antiagency

Gigy Hary @Tomorrowisanotherday

Vanessa Ohenlen

Harry Plomer

Collection will be available on MEDEAMEDEA.IT and selected retailers July 2021.


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