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VIVETTA Fall/Winter 2020-21

by pascal iakovou
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Imaginations transforms reality into poetry and dream, and the dream that flows through Vivetta FW20 collection is deeply rooted in today’s sense of urgency: the dream of nature protected and safeguarded with love and care, nourished with respect.

Vivetta dreams to leave her sons, Otto e Tito, and future generations a peaceful and fertile planet, full of rich and untouched natural resources, with alternating seasons and animals living happily.

This message is conveyed through a love story. Vivetta wrote it and sewed it as a label on every piece of the collection made with recycled yarns — obtained from the recycling of plastic as well as fabrics and yarn waste from previous productions. 30% of the collection is, in fact, the result of the collaboration between companies manufacturing certified sustainable yarns and fabrics. It is an important result of which Vivetta is rightly proud.

As in an old-time diorama, daytime and nocturnal landscapes depicting the countryside are embroidered on ample cocooning coats embellished with faux fur patchworks or transformed into figurative appliques on colorful and festive tops. Houses and bell towers, meadows and forests, sun and clouds, stars and fireflies become un new miniature camouflage motif printed on wide flounce dresses or on coats’ linings.

Large petal flowers bloom on skirts presented in the masculine fabrics of chevron and houndstooth, but also lay as cockades on the side of a jacket opening like a theatre curtain with off kilter tail coat.

What is a trompe l’oeil, if not a game of illusions revealing reality in its most magical aspect? The surrealistic spirit of Vivetta lives through a kaleidoscope of oxymorons, hyperboles and visual anagrams. Skirts are disguised as culottes-pants peeping through pleated panels; masculine crunchy poplin shirts feature at least three concentric collars, all in different sizes and materials. « Ceci c’est pas une chemise… », would have said Magritte.

An apparently wide dress is the result of a reckless combination of several outsize shirts characterized by sleeves that can conveniently serve as a belt to modify its volume and shape. Traces of two knitted patchwork vests meet in an acrobatic upcycling experiment. Cats transform into pockets or purses; romantic words and love songs chase one another, floating and whirling to bother delicate flower prints.

In the sweetly surreal world of Vivetta what is unlikely appears as possible — even saving the planet, if done with poetry, imagination and emotion.

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