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Leandro Cano FW20

by pascal iakovou
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These female singers had very strong personality and helped take the Spanish folklore culture to a different height. This collection is also about the present and future of Spanish folklore.

Most of the elements of the collection are inspired by flamenco and Andalusian culture. We have introduced iconic pieces as a coin that we have designed especially for this collection with a flamenco dance hand posture on one side and the Andalusian 8 Point star on the other. Also prominent in the collection are the big carnation flowers and Manila shawls which are very iconic of Spanish folklore culture.

The colors prominently used are shades of red and cream with splashes of other color. As the collection also represents the present and future of flamenco music, we can find realistic sculptures with the face of a Spanish flamenco singer (María José Llergo); she is a new age flamenco signer and for Leandro, she is the embodiment of what a Spanish folklore artist should be.

(c) Juan Jerez

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