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by pascal iakovou
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A repertoire of clothing archetypes: objects treated as persistences of the memory, assembled together as beautiful leftovers to create unsettling hybrids.

Stop, cut, rewind, paste. Bisected coats. Antithetical frocks. Juxtaposed jackets. Fragmented outerwear. Shrunken sweaters and shirts. Dilated trousers. Right and left don’t match. Front and back even less, not to mention top and bottom. Everything is too wide, or too narrow, or too long. Time has left its evident and palpable mark on everything: abrasions, cuts, fading, missing parts. Hypnotically patterned or monochromatic uniforms land underneath everything. Distorted sneakers and boots complete.

Flashbacks and fastforwards, of styles and movements, united in a choral flow of gestures by the choreography of Michele Rizzo.

A call from Prince Prospero

Let’s dance.

Let’s dance ’til the end of love.

Let’s dance our best days away.

Let’s dance to keep the abyss at bay.

Let’s dance until everything changes.

Until fashion flows, in a blow.

Let’s dance.

Like a body of work,

To the rhythm

of a hymn.

Let’s dance in libido

to have a vertigo.

Let’s dance to the light,

because we are alright.

Let’s dance.





Never repented

Let’s dance.

As a multiform, in our uniforms.

Let’s dance.

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