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Bowie Wong Spring Summer 2020

by pascal iakovou
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Style is a statement that reveals who we have the potential to be, as we craft the identityof both the goddess and the warrior within

With a distinctive vision that reinforces creative exploration and an avant-garde attitudethatpromotes freedom of expression, designer Bowie Wong upholds the relevancy offashion today. Reflecting his cultural influences, a tapestry spanning from Hong Kong toParis via Australia, Wong is an artisan of unexpected aesthetic and a master storyteller,weaving unique, multi-layered narratives throughout each of his collections.Athena, his new Spring/Summer couture collection, delves into the legend of the Greekgoddess who represents wisdom, warfare and handicrafts–whilst acknowledging hersignificance in a modern world. As such, the cohesiveness of this collection lies in thefact that Wong firmly establishes the dichotomy of goddess and warrior in each garment.He utilises these opposing identities to create stunning visual contrasts through shape,volume and fabric manipulation, yet at the same time reveal a powerful symmetry–exposing Athena as a true force to be reckoned with.Here, elegance defies expectations: a statuesque white jumpsuit boasting a long skirt,pairs the essence of beauty with a ready-for-action approach; a regal floor-length dressmade from hand-woven blue and silver thread is set off by a striking obi-inspired featureat the waist, adding a thrill of samurai warrior to the overall look; a relaxed, crystal-studded hooded jumpsuit proposes a secretive look for the deity-turned-assassin, and aone-shouldered, bronze-sequinned jumpsuit is a powerful declaration of the gladiatorgoddess.Featuring fabrics from silk, metal mesh, leather and lace, the black, white, and midnightblue colour palette is interwoven with celestial silver and metallic bronze, with delicatecrystals and star motifs scattered throughout. Blurring boundaries between the practicableand the ethereal, each look cleverly masters both; such as a fitted bodice thatcomplements a voluminous organza skirt, a pleated leather jacket that pairs with a status-defining swimsuit, or a majestic metallic-coloured skirt that flows as freely as a river,suggesting a re-definition of style as armour.WithAthena, Bowie Wong has re-invented a mythological masterpiece-a journey intothe realms of possibility, where strength and beauty are characterised as equally matchedtraits. For it is through his creative integrity, and unparalleled insight into the stories thatmatter, that he has provided a template for each of us to recognise our true potentia

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