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Spring Summer 2020

Photos by Nicolas Brulez for Luxsure

“With this collection, I further delve into the idea of the Rochas man as a maker. A Parisian maker: an artist, probably a writer, most certainly a flaneur.

Whatever his occupation, it is the mindset that counts: the Rochas man enjoys getting dirty, so to speak, with real life, keeping an unmistakably light spirit.

He lives in no ivory tower. Rather, he hits the street, enjoying the energy of what happens around him, getting endless inspiration and food for thought out of it.

What defines this man, in my vision, is the gentleness of his gaze, the suaveness of his manners and the poignancy of his personal style. What I would like to convey is a nonchalance and an ease with getting clothed, with mixing colors and items together. I turned such ideas into an easy wardrobe meant to be interpreted as anyone wishes.

Softness is mandatory, across the whole spectrum: liquid volumes, flowing lines, supple fabrics and painterly hues are my medium. I tried to touch everything a man needs, offering the Rochas version of it, from soft tailoring to sportswear, from shirting to knitwear. A smattering of frills harmoniously clashes with the pragmatic precision of trenches and blousons, giving outerwear a delicately twisted slant, letting practicality and sophistication, masculine and feminine mingle and merge.

A city and life wanderer, the Rochas man collects bits and bobs, and maybe puts them on a string of rope, turning ceramic objects trouvé into necklaces.

A lover of nature, he carries his painted garment holder, made in recycled paper, with pride. Helikes his shirts and knits with a bit of embroidery: the human touch of craft, which can also be the uneven patina of a color, gives warmth and life.

Being at one with the environment, alive in nature is important for me, on every respect. I love natural fibers and natural colors, and I do my best to work responsibly.

The Rochas man I have in mind, in the end, is urban, with a bucolic soul”.

Federico Curradi, Menswear Creative Director

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