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Giovanni Bedin Couture SS18

by pascal iakovou
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Lines, so many wide and narrow lines. Rarefied, dynamic and geometric
textures that draw inspiration from the simple T-shirt of the Venetian gondolier
and sublimate its clean, abstract design.
Converging, intensified lines which re-invent the matelot overcoats of Breton
fishermen, subverting and amplifying the original, dry meaning of a classic
seafaring theme.
Black and White, occasionally embellished with minute and refined floral
embroidery, scaled with overlapping micro sequins, with the bust voluminously
and three-dimensionally defined by ribbing, while leaving the bosom
completely free. And more rods to lay out the skirts draped, flat and rhythmic
This game, like an optical illusion, is expressed through unexpected, delicate
and meticulous geometric forms which ultimately draw the amazing supporting
structures of an haute couture dress (which would normally remain concealed)
to the surface.
12 unique outfits, all mounted on the same armature, and hinged on the same
sophisticated and rugged grid construction. Virtuoso cutting and tailoring,
luminous linear purity, a dazzling appropriation of meaning, embracing the
principals of metamorphosis.
A collection developed through a range of experiences, absorbing an
unexpected combination of imagination and cultural flavours experienced at
first hand, allied to a highly stylistic and technological approach. Vibrant stripes
equalling the stereometric impulses and synthetic architectural breath of
Andrea Palladio, with the traditional tacking of men’s tailoring, those ephemeral
tracks of white thread through fabric, emerging from childhood memories and
timeless sartorial expertise.
Disorienting modernity, conceptual elegance, and a poem to its suspended,
mathematical origins.

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