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Défilé ISSEY MIYAKE MEN Automne Hiver 2018

by pascal iakovou
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Thursday, January 18th – La Gaîté Lyrique – Paris

In the Whirlwind of Urban Life

This season, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN takes its inspiration from the richness of the sensations within urban life: contrasted rhythms, unexpected mixes, contemporary velocity, symphony of changes, colorful painted walls.

Unconventional coordination with novel layer of colors and fabrics bring an unforeseen vigor, completing an accented unique style.

Functionality is combined with vitality to create a new workwear, relaxed and elegant, which matches with an active an exciting daily life.


(LOOK 14, 15, 19, 20, 23)

Stretch tapes are stitched along the body lines of flat, oversized garments, creating a fitted design with ease of movement. The stretch tape is specially developed with next-generation polyester thread for maximum durability and elasticity. When heated during the dyeing process, the tape shrinks to create the desired shape. This results in a fitted, lightweight, easy-to-care garment that is wearable without ironing.


(LOOK 8, 12, 16, 17, 25)

Clothes that can be freely worn inside out, depending on one’s mood. These items have no interlinings, so they are soft, lightweight and easy to wear.

Jacket in LOOK 8 is double weaved with warm black bouclé and sheeny red chambray fabric, while LOOK 12, 16, 17 are a combination of striped cotton based fabric and a raised wool based fabric.

The green coat and pants in LOOK 25 are made of combed wool that is print-dyed in black on one side before sewing, and then garment dyed.


(LOOK 5, 24, 28, 29)

All of this season’s motifs are created by chance. A square of fabric dropped casually from above, the incidental layering creating motifs for the garments. This motif is used in the hand-printed soft rayon cotton shirt in LOOK 24, and the transfer-printed T-shirt in LOOK 5.

The striped pattern of the blouson and pants in LOOK 28 and the jacket in LOOK 29 are made by random folding and pressing of the fabric. This pattern is applied to a cut jacquard, combining matte and shiny polyester threads to create a dynamic textile.


(LOOK 1, 36)

This model is a re-edition of the iconic ISSEY MIYAKE design, first released in 1985.

Eyewear comprising of a single straight line and two circles. The new style uses a lightweight titanium frame, acetate coating on the temple tips and mineral lenses.

The original design is faithfully recreated with refined and up-to-date materials.

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