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Mareunrol’s SS2013 Men’s

by pascal iakovou
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The main inspiration for this collection came from the late 1980s in Latvia, the home country of MAREUNROL’S. During this time Latvia was under the predominant regime of the Soviet Union, therefore many creative people could not express their true views. Because of this situation, most of them searched for new ways to deliver their message to the society – it was done through hidden subtexts coded in such artistic disciplines as poetry, literature, music, art and theatre. If looked through the eyes of the soviet system, these people were seen as the rebels and gangsters of their time.

Different parts and details of the clothing from those times were deconstructed and used for the creation of EPIZODE 2. Blind embossing technique that heat- presses artwork in leather, which was widely used at the time in Latvia for symbolic attributes, was revived and used for the collection’s leather garments. EPIZODE 2 is made from cotton, wool, silk, polyester fabrics, and leather.

The collection also features two types of sculptural objects. The hoods in the wind symbolize the resistance against a dominant force; while fighting a major force, the energy and willpower of an individual accumulates and grows stronger. Whereas the splash objects were derived from an old Latvian New Year’s custom, called the pouring of fortune.

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