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BASCH & LOVAS Fall/Winter 2012

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Toronto, March 7, 2012 – With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, Wesley Badanjak has found himself directing not one, but two Toronto-based fashion houses. Badanjak launched LOVAS in 2008 and we’ve been a big fan of his talented work ever since. Earlier this year, the Fashionist and others reported that Badanjak had become BASCH’s new creative director. The idea of doing something outside of what he normally does and the chance to work with a different team of individuals appealed to the young designer. “I think you’ll see me in there, but it’s different,” explained Badanjak when questioned about BASCH’s new direction backstage before the show. “Obviously, I have to think of the history behind the brand and what Brandon [Dwyer] has done with it.” Badanjak’s aim was to retain the cocktail/evening wear focus of the label while infusing his style and tailoring.

Arguably the strongest pieces of the BASCH collection, a parade of beautiful chenille outerwear, dresses, and skirts kicked off the ready-to-wear segment in a triple header that included the BASCH It Up student competition, followed by BASCH and LOVAS Fall/Winter 2012. Sequinned dresses packed so tight they looked like fish scales look very appealing to a younger demographic while chiffons, knits, and patterned crepe de Chines could go either way. This is great affordable luxury that Torontonians will eat up. Most of the dresses retail for under $200.

Badanjak’s LOVAS FW12 Collection was inspired by the character of Brenda, in Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Year of the Flood. Brenda’s life transforms from that of privileged child, to a cult member of gardening vegans, to that of a dancer in a seedy nightclub. How typically Canadian of Brenda. “It’s about taking all of these random elements [of the character] and mashing them all together,” says Badanjak. Highlights of the collection include those gorgeous ombre tweed pieces that everyone will surely be talking about, the lace-like cobweb knits, and python jacquards. Hooray for Brenda, she’s got something to wear for every occasion.  Great job Wesley!

Excellent work BASCH It Up finalists Qianwen Liang, Mel McCartney, Cheryl Kocot, Brittney Wood, Monica Kisielwicz, Vanessa Kent, Maricar Nacario, Stephani Ngai, Rebecca Collins, and the winner – Sarah McGowan.

Backstage Photos and Video: Spiro Mandylor, Olympus Digital Photography

BASCH Fall/Winter 2012

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LOVAS Fall/Winter 2012

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Backstage Gallery

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