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Charlie Le Mindu S/S 2011 – London Fashion Week

by laurie
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You can take the guy out of the hairdressing salon but you can’t take the hairdresser out of the guy. French-Born Charlie Le Mindu, who started hairdressing at the age of 13, is also famous for his spectacular wigs and his sexy and highly daring style. And it’s an understatement to say that he lived up to his reputation last Sunday at Bloomsbury Square.

The designer took us straight down to showy LA. Pink flamingos, chrome Cadillac accessories, leopard prints in flashy colours, nothing was missing. Reinterpreted by Charlie Le Mindu, that is.

Le Mindu’s creatures seemed like magically escaped from a sexy comic, with very high cut leopard print leopards and matching cagoule or flashy yellow wig, body-covering garments made of black and deep red long hair, pink flamingo dresses with matching headgears, Cadillac headlights as chrome breasts or… nothing at all!

That was the most jaw-dropping moment of the show and most certainly one of the highlights of this fashion week. Three models walked down the catwalk rocking nothing else than their naked bodies, accessorised with hot pink platform boots, flashy wig and statement hat. (Spectacular) less is more!


Laurie Guillem

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