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Rowland vs Slack

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Rowland vs Slack

Award winning British jewellery designer Katie Rowland’s continues her exploration of intelligent and beautiful heartfelt jewellery this season.
By collaborating with the fabulous London designer Gemma Slack on for this seasons Rowland vs Slack, the Brit is showcasing her unique point of view of luxury jewellery.

Inspired by the infamous tales of damned love, trapped souls, fragile minds and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the collection is an ode to the creatures of the night.

Rowlands usual ideas of escapism, romance and hedonistic pleasures complements the hard and dark edge of Slack’s, A/W 2010 collection, that included the edgy mixture of leather, chiffon and mohair.

Refined gold chains connects the hammered and formed brass plates combined with a mirror shine of chic cold metals that complement and distort the natural silhouettes of the body.

The brilliance and strength of the Rowland vs. Slack collection lies in Katie’s interpretation of the world’s current obsession with all things vampire.

It’s a distinctly unique vision of modern jewellery that manages to be on trendy without following the masses.

Having already received the the Lady Gaga seal of approval, the highly conceptual collection is set to strike a chord with the most daring fashionistas, stylists, and editors.

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