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Alexander James: Flesh and Foliage series

by pascal iakovou

Organic: finding beauty in the inevitability of decay

– Flesh meets foliage in this portfolio of muted tones and live materials. My ‘Organic’ series unites the living human form with decaying matter of the plant world. Presented as stunning still-life images, models sleep in giant palm husks, seed pods and rare flora from around the world. The result is a unique series showcasing a new, obscure form which finds itself breathing new life into death. These Organic images are presented ‘as-shot’: the props models have been physically altered and photographed against a simple black background.

Commercial & Fine Art Photographer. Alexander James – London

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speedo 28 décembre 2009 - 22 h 26 min

« These Organic images are presented ‘as-shot’: »
The background has been to be retouched to be so black ! So not really « as shot ».

Aj 24 juin 2010 - 17 h 00 min

Actually no these images are ‘as-shot’ no retouching at all –

This series by Alexander James can be seen at http://www.DistilEnnui.com

images are also available for stock licensing and as canvas prints at http://www.AlexanderJamesStockPhotography.com

See behind the scenes footage at http://distilennui.com/blog/

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