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SEAN SUEN Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection

by pascal iakovou
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This is a period of time of sufficient profundity. In a similar time and space, human beings are the most variable and a factor most likely to trigger variables. Observing human behavior and consciousness from both objective and subjective perspectives, the forces between physical and psychological distance have been infinitely amplified. We seem to truly feel the solitude from all angles, from the anxiety that initially spread frantically, to the extreme paranoia after self-isolation, then the unfathomable selective non-communication, and finally we calm down and move on, because we can’t go back.

The SEAN SUEN 2022 autumn and winter series examines the changing emotions brought on by traumatizing human experiences and the process of self reconciliation in times of loneliness and helplessness. Continuing SEAN SUEN’s silhouette in his design aesthetic, and based on the colorless series of black, white, and gray, it introduces earth tone colors symbolizing nature. By employing a large number of cold-resisting fabrics such as wool and leather, it hopes to create a resonant, free, comfortable, and connected space for the wearers.

We cannot turn back the hands of time. Reality pierces through the soul like thorns. After whispering softly with our eyes closed in the dark night, we still have to walk alone with determination through the deep and distant jungle, and life continues.


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