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Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection

For the Autumn-Winter 2022 season, UJOH expresses a kind of positivity and the will to move forward in this challenging era, starting from the search for a new form by cutting down on the design of the brand’s iconic jacket. By cutting down on the design and adding minimalist details, each item is also given a new lease of life. The mood of the collection is completed by the movement of the fabric created by the flowing asymmetrical lines, the texture of the materials, and the layering of the cuts.

In the women’s collection, the addition of a sailor collar to a collarless jacket introduces a new approach to tailoring, while maintaining the jacket’s original function. A minimalist tie is added to the space created by cutting down on the design, which is the key for this season. Along with random skirts that look like miniskirts or long skirts, and denim-like wool nylon skirts, the collection brings out new styling and expands the possibilities of layering.

A playful touch of flexibility is also added to the men’s look. Sporty design elements and functionality are added, such as a jacket with a collar replaced by ribbed material. The sailor collar, also seen in the men’s look, is layered on the double-breasted jacket and shows various expressions depending on where the buttons are fastened.

This season, the materials and color palette of the collection also express the brand’s image of looking in a new direction.

The transparent blue coat, inspired by frosted glass, creates a fresh look when layered with the gingham check inside. A nude beige top that looks like a shell is layered with pants for a unique and eye-catching finish. Micro cross-stitched floral embroidery and Double Russell material bring a rich variety to the collection.

Blue, mint green, yellow, bright navy, and lavender, reminiscent of artifacts found on the beach, are combined with gingham checks to complete the color palette that is not too typically classical.

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