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In this season, kolor revisits the past collection of Autumn Winter 2011-12 Collection,
and creates the new collection with the same mood but having a fresh and the current feeling as well. In the result, this season’s collection carries both a sense of roughness and of back-to-the-time feeling and the mood of kolor in 2021.

In general, this season’s collection contains many pieces which are composed by several different types of clothes with a unique balance.
Especially, the garments that are putting the kids-sized outers squeezably over the loose-fitted outers, which creates an interesting silhouette and volume, are the new and key style of this season’s collection.
For example, the coat used in Look 1 has the classical checked fall collar coat on the base, but by adding the kids-sized nylon vest over it, as a whole, not only its unique silhouette, this coat becomes modern with a sense of classic and a touch of spottiness.

This season’s knit pieces are also built with the combination of many different parts from different types of garments:
knit polo having a neck line and sleeve of a shirt and some parts from a cardigan, and knit cardigan having a knit jacket on left side and the neck and front parts from a polo but tilted. The amount of parts being used and where to use are out of ordinary rules, but they are well-thought out to have the balance that kolor thinks the best and coming together as one single piece of a garment.

Also, in this season, some of pants have the detail of that one side of waist part is flipped.
This is also new style for kolor.
Especially for the women’s collection, this detail is added to the flare pants which have a sense of early 90’s.

In the result, this piece is refreshing but having back-to-the-time feeling as well.

Additionally, the accessories also carry this season’s mood.
For example, the classical loafer is attached with another mood of loafer – studs on the vamp and the string on horsebit parts – updating a trad piece to be modern.

The highlighted color palette of this season is: some warm colors like red, brown, beige and khaki. kolor Spring Summer 2021 has both nostalgia and new kolor feelings all together into the collection.

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