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“Thé au Trianon”

Beirut- It is the Spring of 2020. A beating pulse of passion lines the streets.

To mark the brand’s 10th Anniversary, AZZI & OSTA present a deeply personal collection. Far from a nod to a rebellious uprising in a different land, a different time, Thé au Trianon is a celebration of the art of legendary Parisian Pâtissiers told through the repertoire of Haute Couture with lashings of prettiness and sensuality.

“To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to share our joy and our optimism, a sense playfulness and, a moment of escapism. To capture that moment of excitement when someone says it is dessert time!”

George Azzi & Assaad Osta- Creative Directors, of AZZI & OSTA.

The artistry and innovation of the Pâtissier, the preciseness of hand, the lightness of touch- it is so closely aligned with that of the Couturier. Each creation of AZZI & OSTA’S 20- piece collection honours the most delightful of sweet delicacies, the Mont Blanc, Saint-Honoré, Tarte Citron, Praline, Meringue, Macaron and, the tools of the Pâtissier; piping bags and doilies captured through a dreamy pastel colour palette evoking the romanticism of the Rococo; Vanille, Meringue Citron, Chocolat, Framboise, Pistache, Sorbet Agrume, Lavande.

Feminine sculpted silhouettes are characterized by signature manipulated asymmetrical values and intricate ornamentation. Structured gowns, jumpsuits, midi dresses, peplum tops with high-low trains, slim intricately embroidered pants and statement puff-ball skirts are infused with modernity.

Weightless taffetas, tulle and silks, luscious layers of point d’esprit Mille Feuille ebb and flow tickling the senses while extraordinary details; hand-beaded chocolate flakes, feathery embroidery, swirls of Chantilly, velvet icing, sumptuous tulle fluff and floral frosting burst with a delicious decorative playfulness.

The crown jewel of the collection is the Religieuse Pistache an exquisite creature, thin veins constructed from hand-embroidered silk organza ribbons and beads encrusted upon a tulle corset with a tulip-shaped skirt of endless swirls of organza petals. She holds her head
high. In her finest hour, she reigns supreme. Her curves, scrolls and counter curves, elaborate with fantasy offer a delicate radiance. The Queen of her celebration – she is the Pièce Montée. This entirely hand-worked gown required a team of eight expert embroiderers and four petites mains to bring the dream to life.

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