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Angus Chiang AW20 Paris Fashion Week Men

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Scientific and technological advancement transforms modern life. Without showing yourself, you can experience the sweetness of love and feeling of being respected. Likewise, you could also get hurt or be bullied by cruel languages.

Digitalization is about bilateral communication and, once becoming part of our life, might lead us to self-exploration, loss or self-abandonment. In modern days, we’re categorized by Hashtag with infinite access to information, to the extent that we all become extremely dramatic. We are obsessed with fragmented reading, turning ourselves into information. When your information gets tons of views and likes through sending, clicking and sharing, you will rise to fame. The untouchable yet visible virtual world is highly addictive, overwhelming you with joy both online and in real life.

With the rapid development of We Media, real currency or face-to-face communication is no longer needed in life. Nor is obsolete electronic media. Among all the new forms of existence, only the best will survive. In the time of survival of the fittest, are you still yourself?

ANGUS CHIANG 2020 Autumn Winter collections are designed around the theme of modern technology and it’ll be the 1st cross-industry collaboration with HTC. With the support of art teams from both Taipei and Paris, VR and AR will be used in this season’s show to combine both the real and virtual.

“VR” will be used to create a unique experience, telling a story about us being information that is only temporarily stored and could be deleted anytime. Wretch, WINDOWS95, PTT (the largest terminal-based bulletin board system based in Taiwan), Yahoo Kimo and CRT TVs are all histories but still alive in our memories. And today, people buried in memorial civilization can be stored in SD cards. With the help of HTC VIVE equipment, guests will be able to travel to the past, exploring the puzzle-like microworld. SD cards will trigger our memories about the past, guiding those living in our memories to travel through time and space to the “present”.

“AR” shall be used to provide interactions and present different designs of our collections through bitwise calculation of AngusReality software. By scanning the SD card on the clothes with their phones, people can have access to the information stored during this season’s manufacturing process, or even change the setting of the stage into film-like special effect. Through combining memories as well as modern life and technology, ANGUS CHIANG new collections come into being. Welcome to the imagined world of ANGUS CHIANG.

Color and Fabric
Inspired by technology, this season’s colorway integrated the element of test card. Used in earliest TV broadcasts, test card is designed for calibration and is made up of color blocks in yellow, green, red, blue, black, pink etc. AW20 collections are extension of this set of color. Denim is the main fabric used for this season especially rinsed yarn-dyed denim, jacquard denim and thick twilled denim with different effects or layers such as fringe or joint. T-shirt and sweatshirt are representative of each season and their patterns are inspired by Wretch — a social media that enjoyed high popularity among millennials. By extension, ANGUS CHIANG even created its own interactive social media “Wretch CHIANG”. Elements like PTT thread bump texts, earliest typical profile photos and typical Internet logos are also added to the design and printed on or woven into the fabric. ANGUS flagship fabric TPU is also presented from different perspectives with a staggered 3D effect. Printed 3D logo is also a design feature of support materials.

Style and Details
AW 20 collections are more inspired by streetwear and workwear style, featured with oversize design oriented by young Internet surfer culture. Design of pocket is inspired by SD cards with TPU brand logo sewn to the edge of pocket. Magnetic cufflinks are inspired by power socket. What’s more special is that the strings are heated into the shape of coiled telephone line which matches perfectly this season’s theme of science and technology. Computer port is also integrated into the design and printed on the clothes as representative logo.

Music used for this season’s show will be composed with music software in the form of texts. When PTT sketches and design concepts are being played, random melodies will be created spontaneously with elements derived from science and technology and turned into music for the show.

International Cooperation
Reebok – We will work with the fitness and lifestyle brand Reebok once again for the latest ZIG KINETICA collaboration. Apart from this season’s theme RGB colors—blue, green, red, elements like leather, corduroy and canvas will also be used for the shoes to create a brand-new ZIG KINETICA CONCEPT_TYPE_2 with ANGUS CHIANG’s vision.

DVTK – Founded in 2015 by Kim Boutin and David Broner, DVTK mainly focuses on art directing, 3D calculation, animation design and interactive experience design. DVTK is the brand digital content provider of Dior, KENZO and Nike, and their works grabbed the attention of the art and design sectors. DVTK organized lectures and workshops in Tate Gallery, Summerset House and ECAL and they keep asking themselves how to create a virtual digital world with their unique design and aesthetics. In light of this, an APP was developed for AngusReality in collaboration with DVTK, combining design elements and virtual interaction technology to deliver an unprecedented fashion show.

Tati Cotliar – This season will witness the fifth time to work with Tati Cotliar – Fashion Director of the emerging independent magazine BUFFALO ZINE. Our imagination of clothing will be redefined through Tati’s unique aesthetics perspective. CGI suits are used in the show, presented with only tops or trousers in monochrome color, representing our vision for a transformation in future dressing style driven by science and technology.

Cross-industry Collaboration
Vive Arts harnesses cutting – edge technology to transform the way culture is experienced, delivering one-of-a-kind projects that can be accessed anywhere in the world. It fosters digital innovation, working with leading artists, museums and cultural organizations to create immersive artworks and exhibits using the latest technology. Since its launch in 2017, Vive Arts has established nearly 50 partnerships with leading cultural institutions and organisations including the Louvre Museum in Paris, Tate Modern in London, Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, and as well as most recently the Biennale Arte 2019. VIVE Arts’ Mission is to enable and preserve cultural heritage for the world, and to democratize creation with digital innovation in the arts. In doing so, VIVE Arts’ Mission addresses a diverse, global audience and contributes to the knowledge and enjoyment of our cultural heritage, both in museums and in the home.

HTC U19e Smartphone – The top design team carefully created the world’s original translucent glass design. Through precise combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, metal particles are irregularly distributed on the glass back cover, and a gradual gloss appears on the mirror surface. Its precise and unique design craftsmanship is ingenious.

NAXS Corp. – a new media performing group that won various art performance awards for its Render Ghost and was invited to 2019 Ars Electronica. NAXS focuses on physical and mental distortions caused by scientific and technological development, tries to identify widespread but original connection from chaotic online information, and responds to expanded human boundary. NAXS is good at manipulating installation, sound, network interface and virtual reality to explore the possibility of immersive space, theatre and performance. Virtual reality game will be the 1st step of our cross-industrial collaboration in the hope that we can help our guests to explore the cyber city in our collective memories.

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