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RAMI AL ALI Unveils Spring/Summer 2020 Couture Collection

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Syrian designer, Rami Al Ali, returned to Paris for the seventeenth season to present his Spring/Summer 2020 Couture collection at the spectacular Hotel Le Meurice in Paris on January 20, 2020. This season’s couture narrative embraces the celebrated orchid and channels its splendour into a stunning 22-piece collection.

A symbol of beauty and strength, the orchid is delicate in its nature but bold in its stature. Al Ali illustrates not just the physical beauty of the flower but also the essence of what it represents. It encapsulates the spirit of couture, appearing almost handmade in construction, a concept mirrored in the collections craftsmanship. Each design within the collection brings to light a core focal point that mesmerizes the eye, whether that be a sculptural bow or an exaggerated waist. Strong, architectural silhouettes speak the brand’s desire to modernize the traditions of couture through the development of a new design hybrid.

The collections Pantone of colour is wildly exotic, vivid bursts of lime green, turquoise, coral and rose add a vivacious zest of life to each design. Traces of translucent shimmer can be credited to the subtle inclusion of gold accents. Meticulous beadwork reveals the makings of a seasoned artisan, the first display mimicking the orchid’s silhouette, the second highlighting texture. Thoughtful bead clusters add a 3D effect, illustrating a likeness to droplets of dew on a petal.

Luxurious fabrics are gathered on an array of structured and softer lines with tulle, organza, muslin, mikado and silk-satin imitating the organic fluidity associated with the orchid. New high-tech engineering was adopted with laser cut fabric arranged in a tessellated pattern to uniquely illustrate a beautiful floral motif on the skirt of one of Al Ali’s masterpieces.

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